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Intercâmbio Cultural!

A new idea!

Estamos  iniciando o projeto “Intercâmbio Cultural”, na disciplina de língua Estrangeira Moderna. Este trabalho tem por objetivo mostrar  aos alunos do 9º ano uma outra cultura, mantendo contato, por meio de e-mail, com alunos de uma escola estrangeira. Trabalharemos a cultura, costumes, lugares e trocaremos informações com  os alunos da escola Norte Americana North Star Elementary localizada em Thornton, Colorado nos Estados Unidos da America. Todos os trabalhos serão coordenados pela professora de língua inglesa Elizandra  e acompanhado pela equipe diretiva escolar. 
O objetivo em fazer um intercâmbio cultural é mostrar aos alunos uma outra realidade, cultura e  proporcionar uma interação entre os alunos e a língua estrangeira. Instigar o interesse a busca do conhecimento de uma segunda língua, no caso, o inglês.

O projeto teve inicio no dia 18 de abril com a visita e palestra do teacher Roy, Filipino, falante da Língua Inglesa, professor da escola de idiomas Four Friends em Jaraguá do Sul. que se propós  voluntariamente a ministrar uma aula para os alunos do 8o e 9o anos da Escola Municipal Atayde Machado, onde leciono. 

Os trabalhos foram realizados no laboratório de informática.Nós preparamos no word um e-mail de apresentação em inglês e enviamos para o e-mail dos nossos pen pals ( amigos por correspondência), mostramos em powerpoint um pouco sobre nosso país, estado e cidade, nossa cultura e costumes.  ( Com isto os alunos aprendem a valorizar o seu país)

Já, os alunos Americanos tiveram a oportunidade de conhecem um pouco do Brasil tirar dúvidas e nos mostra um pouco sobre a cultura deles.

Passamos um mês desenvolvendo este projeto e o finalizaremos com uma video-conferência que será organizada no laboratório da escola. 

Segunda dia 23 de maio está marcada a videoconferência. 

Nossas últimas trocas de experiências pelo pbwork: 

Welcome to International Pen Pals Page

(we will share our daily activities and news here )
USA entries - red
Brazil entries - green

Hello Brazilian friends! We will be online tomorrow at 1 pm here (4pm there in Brazil) to have our video conference. We can't wait to see you!

May - 20th - Hello American friends! Are you happy because the summer vacation is coming? Our winter vacation is on July 15th. We will have two weeks to relax. Our longest vacation is in December, because here in Brazil the weather is hot and sunny. In the summer vacations, we like go to the beach, it is very good. What about you?  We are waiting anxiously to get to see you, too. It will be a wonderful experience. We hope to continue this project  next school year. I (teacher Elizandra) liked very much to see you other day. You are very beautiful people and many simpatico.   See you on Monday. Kisses American Friends 
We put more works about Brazil. 

May 17th - Hi! We will have the video conference with you on Monday. Miss Ho has already set up the webcam and we are ready to go! We lost an important person, our principal passed away, and we planted a beautiful garden in honor of her. We built a fence around it so that no one can get in it and destroy it. We will all take good care of the garden. Have you ever lost someone important to you? Did you know that we have about 8 more days of school left? Our school year is almost over. We are anxious to get to see you next Monday to see how you look. We opened your pictures and we enjoyed them very much. We learned a lot too! It was an explosion of beauty. That's all for now. Talk to you soon. Your American friends.   

May - 16th - Hello American friends! Today the weather is cold here in Jaraguá. The next Monday we want to see you in the webcam for our  video conference. Is it all right?
We are going post more works about Jaraguá, Santa Catarina and Brazil. Wait!!!
Please send for us too...Please We are waiting.
Good day all international pen pals

May- 14th - Congratulation Mrs. Walton best wishes. Will be a party and cake? 

May 13th- Thank you so much for the videos!!! We enjoyed learning about Jaragua and Londrina. Tomorrow is Mrs. Walton's birthday. She is turning 18. In her dreams! RSS (we say lol for laughing out loud) About the buses, we do have free buses, but only downtown on the 16th Street Mall. The other buses, to get from town to town, costs about $1 for kids over six years old and $2 for adults. If you watch closely to the Denver video, you can see Miss Ramirez' cousin dancing with the Bronco cheerleaders. It's our lunch time, so we will write to you later. Have a happy week-end! Bye-bye buddies!

May 12th - Here is a video about Londrina. Enjoy our beautiful city! :)

May 11th - We watched a little bit about Denver and we fell  in love with it . It's a beautiful place. About the buses, are they free for the population?

May 10th - Here is a little bit about Denver. Enjoy!

May 9th - Well, we are loving our project. This Monday we are preparing a power point presentation for you. We  will show  you our school, typical foods, pop music, beautiful places in Santa Catarina, beautiful places in Brazil, our carnival and more. We will send e-mails for you today, each Brazilian student got one or two American pen pal and they are sending new emails for you. Did you receive them? If yes, please answer them.
About your question, our breakfast was a success. Our mothers came to the school and they had a good breakfast , it was prepared by the school's coordinator. We will celebrate father's day too, in August on the second Sunday. 
About Field day we have many competitions during the year, football (soccer), basketball and others, but we don't have a Field day. We think that  a talent show is good, it is a good idea for this year. Send us photos of this event, we will be happy having news from you.
kisses from your Brazilian friends! : - )  
Please look this video it is about our city. It is good

May 9th- Yes we celebrate Mother's Day. Mother's Day was yesterday Sunday May 8th. At school, we make cards for Mother's day. Some of us buy or get presents for our moms. We celebrate Mother's Day to show our moms that we care about them. We appreciate how our mom's take us places, work hard for us either at their job to make money or at home cooking and cleaning. Everybody in third grade celebrates Mother's Day, even the teachers! We celebrate all kinds of mothers, young and old. We noticed that you said that you have breakfast for your mother's on Saturday morning, does that mean you have school on Saturday? 

Do you celebrate father's day?  We are going to have field day soon. Field day is a day where we get to see how much we have learned in physical education. We get to test our athletic ability. Do you have field day too?

We also have a talent show at the end of the year at our school. We have lots of different talents like: juggling, singing and dancing, magic tricks, rapping, and hula hooping.

Thank you for writing us back. We will keep in touch too. Peace out Brazilian friends!

May 4th - Today we will finish our introducing e-mail during our English class.
We have five classes for day and many teachers.
We have three English classes for week. This week we are going to prepare activities for mother's day. It will be celebrate next Sunday. Is it celebrate there too? At school we have a breakfast for mothers on Saturday morning. What do you prepare for mother's day? We will keep in touch today. Wait! Tchau amigos! Bye American friends!

May 3rd- Today is Miss Ramirez' birthday!!! Miss Ramirez is one of the third grade teachers. She is turning 30 today. She thinks this is the best day of the year. We have reading, writing, math, spelling, social studies, science and specials (physical education, music and art). We have many classrooms at North Star. There are about 469 students and 20 classrooms and two pre-school classrooms. We have two and a half months off for summer vacation, from June to the middle of August. Summer is so beautiful here in Colorado.
We arrive at school at 7:45 or earlier if we want to eat breakfast. We do a morning routine [write in our planners, read independently or do some math, listen to announcements on an intercom (speakers in the ceiling), and the Pledge of Allegiance]. Then we go to specials. After specials we have social studies, science or math. After science and math we have literacy (reading, writing and spelling). We go to lunch and recess. After that we have math and then we go home at 2:30. We will write more later.

May 2nd - Hello American friends! Today our school will  begin to send e-mails to you. Wait!

Gustavo-Hi, my name is Gustavo Satler. I'm 14 years old, I live in Brazil,   Santa Catarina  state  in Jaragua city. I like very much to play playstation 2 game in the Resident Evil 4

Matheus - Hello, My name is Matheus Henrique da Silva. I am fourteen years old and I live with my parents. I love to get on the computer playing a game called medal of honor.
I have two brothers, Marlon and the marcelo.

Júlia - Hi guys! My name is Júlia Feiten, I have “almost” 14 years old, I like  dancing, listening music, eating haha, sleeping, hanging with my best friends. I live in Jaraguá do Sul- Santa Catarina, it's a good place for live. Here we have a "hill/mountain" is called "Mount Antenna"or "Mount good view" from there we have a beautiful view of the city, and from there we can jump-gliding.

Natalia - Hi, my name is Natalia and I'm 13 years old. I live in Jaragua do Sul
I like reading books, listening to music from rock and walk in shopping.

Teacher Elizandra - wednesday May 4th we will come!! bye bye 

April 29th - Hello American friends! My name is Elizandra I'm Athayde Machado's  English teacher. The name of our school is Escola Municipal Athayde Machado, State: Santa Catarina City: Jaraguá do Sul.
 The weather is hot and sunny here in Jaraguá. We are in autumm/fall here. We are excited for being part of the international pen-pals project. If you have any questions about Brazil or our school contact us. 

May 1st  
We would you like to know about your routines  at school. How many subjects do you have you? How is your  school. How many classroom are there? How is the summer vacation there?
Bye or Tchau  

May 29th - Great news! We are another school in Brazil being part of our international pen-pals project!
They live in Santa Catarina State! Welcome friends! 

March 17th- Hi! We are third graders at North Star Elementary in Thornton, Colorado, United States. This is our first group message. What are you all doing right now? How is your day going? We are all here learning about your school in Londrina. Since it is St. Patrick's Day here, we are wondering what is the next holiday that you will celebrate in Londrina? How was your test week? Was it a big test? Did you try your hardest? We took our big test, CSAP, it's all about seeing how much we have learned in school. Every third grader in our state took the same test. Can't wait to hear from you soon!

March 17th - It is our LAST day of CSAP (Colorado Student Assessement Program)! Spring break is one day away! :)  Happy St. Patrick's day ! We are all wearing green today here!

March 15th - Half way through the CSAP testing today! We are making our way towards spring break!!

March 15th... We are having our test week!!! The weather is very hot and sunny here in Londrina!!!

March 14th - We took math CSAP today ! The weather was very nice! Spring time  is coming to Colorado!

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